A free browser-based strategy game
set in a post apocalyptic world.
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About the Game
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RENATIONS is a new online strategy game available for everyone with a web browser. The game is free to play, and with no downloads required. The game is set in an apocalyptic world, which is just about to be re colonized by descendants of the human race. Choose one of four playable factions and become part of a fun and social game.
No fuzz
You can play anytime anywhere. All you need is a browser! No additional downloads or plugins are required, and it's for free!
Hello, Hej,
RENATIONS is packed with social features. Invite and play with or against your current (and new) friends.
Once upon
a time
The game features an exiting and interactive storyline which evolves as you build your nation.
Play with friends and discover the truth of our lost world.
Advance in science and unlock new deadly military units.
Join forces and enter PVE instances with your friends.
Conquer enemy cities and wipe your competition off the map.
We're out for the Summer and as you already might have noticed all game servers are closed for now. In order to attact more g...
June 26th at 9:13
Congratulations to freemasons for owning everyone on Equinox. Nicely done! #renations
February 17th at 21:12
In the year 2012 a great breakthrough was achieved at the particle accelerator in CERN and with it followed a golden age of science. In this golden age a secret institute successfully created the first time machine. But as mankind embarked on its first journey through time, great consequences followed. The power source that sent the time machine forward in time exploded in a massive explosion.
This is known as the Great Disaster, thirteen cities were destroyed in a blink of an eye and it created fear all around the globe. It was then a secret society saw their chance to fulfill their plan and by turning nations against each other, the world got engulfed in a nuclear war. Soon the smoke from the atomic bombs blocked the sun and a nuclear winter began.

After thousands of years the long winter came to the end and green life started to reappear on the surface of the earth. It was in these times four factions rose to the surface. And as our game begins aspiring leaders from these four factions set out to resettle the earth. But little do they know that there is a darkness looming in this world yet unknown to them.
Factions: Which one will you play?
Time Travelers
The Time Travelers are the pioneers of time and space which became stranded in a time were the world which they knew had been desolated.
The Order
The Order is ruled as a monarchy were individual strength is everything. They are responsible for the destruction of our former earth and their ultimate goal is to ascend beyond humanity.
Children of the Prophecy
The Children of Prophecy believe that they are the chosen ones meant to protect the earth. Their symbiosis with nature have given them possession of a mysterious force.
The Myrmidons are former water living beings who rose from the ocean, their history is filled with conflict involving religious disputes and civil wars.
Trade (or raid!?) for more wealth
Found strong alliances
Recruit legendary heroes
Engage on cooperative PVE play
Declare war on rivals
Discover new sciences
Conquer enemy cities
Infiltrate foreign cities with spies
Join a thrilling final battle
Go conquer the world
Play RENATIONS today.
It's free and require no download.
Brothers in Arms
Pikaia Games is a swedish game studio founded by four brothers. RENATIONS is our
first game to be released and it actually just started out as a fun hobby project. Today
we are proud to present one of the more interesting games in the MMORTS genre.
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