Privacy Policy of Pikaia Games

This is the Privacy Policy of Bröderna Wissing Gamebox HB, Vintergatan 19 B, 59553 Mjölby, Sweden (hereinafter: "Pikaia Games"). It applies to all websites and games operated by Pikaia Games and/or by its subsidiaries.
Pikaia Games shall handle all personal data which the user submits during the business relations strictly confidentially in compliance with all applicable data protection regulations. Details are provided in this Privacy Policy.
In the event that a link contained on the website operated by Pikaia Games redirects the user to another website not operated by Pikaia Games, Pikaia Games draws the user's attention to the fact that the present Privacy Policy does not apply to this third-party website. Pikaia Games is not responsible for how the operator of this website handles user data. In particular, Pikaia Games is not responsible for the website not operated by Pikaia Games not having same data protection standards as those that Pikaia Games offers its users. Hence, Pikaia Games recommends the user to carefully read the privacy policies of linked websites.

Which personal data does Pikaia Games collect, use and store?

Pikaia Games collects, processes and stores the personal data which the user voluntarily submits to Pikaia Games by electronic or other means of communication (e.g. in standard forms or otherwise on the websites and games operated by Pikaia Games).
This includes data which the user provides to other users when communicating with them on the websites and games operated by Pikaia Games.

In order to register for the use of the games operated by Pikaia Games or in order to purchase a premium feature, the user must provide certain personal details, including his email address. If the user would like to purchase a premium feature for a user fee, this means that Pikaia Games will require further information from the user, such as his postal address, bank account and/or credit card information.

Pikaia Games advises the user to handle his data carefully and sparingly and to carefully consider what and with whom he would like to communicate via the websites and games operated by Pikaia Games. Certain information, e.g. communications between users, is also visible for other users of the websites and games operated by Pikaia Games.

Here are some examples of data stored by Pikaia Games:

When a user accesses the websites and games operated by Pikaia Games, Pikaia Games automatically stores the domain name and/or the IP-address of the computer via which the user contacts Pikaia Games, the date and the length of  time spent on the websites and games operated by Pikaia Games and the pages of the websites and games operated by Pikaia Games accessed by the user. Pikaia Games stores the user's email address. Pikaia Games may use it to send newsletters and information on the games of Pikaia Games to the user. The user may, of course, revoke his consent at any time in writing (e.g. by email) without incurring any costs, apart from the costs of transmitting the written revocation (at base rates). The user shall be given the opportunity in all information sent by Pikaia Games and in every newsletter to refuse to accept further information and to dispatch an appropriate revocation.

What does Pikaia Games do with the user's data?

Pikaia Games collects, processes and stores the personal data of the user only insofar as Pikaia Games assumes that this reasonably serves legal business purposes. In other words: Pikaia Games collects, processes and stores the data of users so that Pikaia Games can better understand the users of the websites and games operated by Pikaia Games and thus offer them better services. For example, Pikaia Games may not only use the stored data to directly process the licence agreement including all related possibilities of use (e.g. use of the games; participation in services related to the games; use of the services provided by customer support) but also in order to detect malfunctions or the abuse of websites and games operated by Pikaia Games.

For this reason, Pikaia Games will collect and store records which reflect how the websites and games operated by Pikaia Games are used, e.g. in-game user activities and in-game communication between users or communication within game-related services. This includes the monitoring of playing patterns and checks for possible manipulations of game operations which can then serve to detect abusive or improper activities of users. Pikaia Games uses special programs to detect infringements of the rules of the games,  e.g. programs which can detect the use of unauthorized scripts and which can store the IP address and other data which the browser transfers as header information. Should Pikaia Games discover that a user is acting in breach of his contractual obligations, e.g. by using unauthorized scripts, Pikaia Games expressly reserves the right to merge the IP address of the respective user with other data which Pikaia Games has on this user in order to bring the infringement to the attention of the user. Pikaia Games might then take further steps against the respective user in order to restore regular game operations.

For the purpose of handling payments, Pikaia Games has the right to disclose user data to service providers instructed to collect the user fee insofar as this is necessary for the calculation of the fee and for settlement with the user. Furthermore, Pikaia Games is entitled to provide user data to third parties to whom receivables due to Pikaia Games from the user have been assigned provided that this is necessary to collect the receivables. Pikaia Games shall inform the user of the names of such third parties. If Pikaia Games cooperates with third parties in order to provide its services, Pikaia Games shall oblige such parties to comply with applicable data protection laws and to ensure adequate data protection.

Pikaia Games may also use the information provided by or stored on the user purely for internal checks as regards demography, user interests and user behaviour. This use is carried out anonymized. Pikaia Games may also statistically evaluate information on the user in an anonymized and aggregated form for advertising and market research. If and as far as Pikaia Games uses user data to create user profiles, Pikaia Games shall never pass on such profiles without the prior consent of the user and shall immediately stop such utilization of user profiles if the user objects to such use of his data.

Only after their prior consent shall Pikaia Games enable third parties to contact the user for advertising purposes. As long as the user does not object, his user data may also be used for sending the user advertising messages which reflect his interests (based on the information he has submitted to Pikaia Games and on his actions within the websites and games operated by Pikaia Games).

What other data do we collect and how are they used?

Your web browser or your client software transfers geographic data, information on your computer (e.g. performance data, gaming data processing, type of browser) and data on the use of our products and services (e.g. time of login and logout). Pikaia Games uses these data to create summary statistics of its community. Furthermore, Pikaia Games can use these data for purposes of security and system integrity (e.g. to prevent hacking and cheating) or for purposes of prosecution.

Please note that the use of your data may vary depending on the product and/or on the service.

Please check the documentation of your game. Pikaia Games shall sometimes relate this information to your personal data, if Pikaia Games is of the opinion that our Terms of Use have been infringed or if Pikaia Games is ordered to do so by prosecuting authorities.

Pikaia Games will also request you to enter a user name and a password. Pikaia Games requests you not to use your real name, the name of another person or the name of a protected brand as a user name.  If you are a registered user, your details in Pikaia Games databases can be stored to adjust the website to your specifications, to transmit user-specific information on Pikaia Games, its partners or third-party providers or for other business purposes.

What are IP (internet protocol) addresses and how does Pikaia Games use these?

An Internet Protocol ("IP")-address is a unique identification number assigned to your server or the server of your Internet service provider ("ISP"). Pikaia Games ascertains IP-addresses in certain cases for purposes of system management, account authentication and system administration. Pikaia Games might also use IP-addresses to restrict access to the servers of the company and to exclude individual systems so that the abuse of these servers is prevented.  Pikaia Games might use these IP-addresses in connection with the data of a certain account oruser if Pikaia Games is of the opinion that our Terms of Use have been infringed or if Pikaia Games is requested to do so by a judicial authority.

Disclosure to third parties

We treat your data strictly confidentially and do not disclose them to external third-parties. However, Pikaia Games might be legally obliged to disclose your data in individual cases, such as to investigating authorities, whereby data are then only disclosed as far as required by law.

Pikaia Games shall engage subsidiaries or sister companies or third parties to provide services on our behalf in an individual case. This particularly applies to payment processing via external serviceproviders (Paypal, Zong etc.). These external companies are obliged to treat your data confidentially, safely and in accordance with the law and may only use your data insofar as this is required to perform their task. Amendments to or deletion of personal data The user may change his personal data at any time (e.g. in order to update or correct such data) or delete his personal data completely. If the user would like Pikaia Games to change his personal data or to stop using his data, the user may contact Pikaia Games at Pikaia Games will then make the required changes or delete the user data as quickly as possible. However, Pikaia Games points out to the user that for technical or organizational reasons, some measures may still be carried out after the user has submitted his request for deletion, if such measures had already been initiated but not completed by that time.

Information on personal data

Upon request, Pikaia Games shall notify the user without delay of all personal data saved on him free of charge. This information will usually be provided electronically, normally by email. Pikaia Games reserves the right to amend this Privacy Policy at any time, however Pikaia Games shall always observe the respectively applicable laws on data protection. Pikaia Games advises users to obtain information on the current Privacy Policy each time they visit websites and games. If Pikaia Games would like to use the personal data of users to a greater extent than previously, Pikaia Games shall, of course, notify users thereof in advance.
Should you have any general questions on this Privacy Policy and on data protection at Pikaia Games , please do not hesitate to contact us at the addresses shown below. Please state your user ID, email address and, if appropriate, the game played.

Data protection:

Information for parents

Pikaia Games is well aware that we bear a special responsibility for personal data provided to us by children. Hence, Pikaia Games recommends that parents tell their children never to actually enter their real names, addresses or telephone numbers without obtaining their parents' or their guardian's consent.

Children aged between 13 and 17 should ask their parents to read through these basic principles on personal rights and contact us if they would like to use the possibilities we have of restricting services or of voicing any concerns.

Minors under 18 may not register online for services subject to a charge without obtaining the prior consent of their parents or guardian. We kindly request parents and guardians to be particularly vigilant to ensure that their children do not break any laws while they use our websites or online services.

If you use services offered within the framework of the listed Pikaia Games websites, you agree to the principles of Pikaia Games concerning personal rights. If you do not agree to these principles, you should not use the services offered on these websites.

How safe are your personal data?

Pikaia Games believes that it goes without saying that the data that you send us are protected and remain unchanged in their original form. Access to personal data is strictly monitored for this purpose. In addition, Pikaia Games will do its utmost to ensure that subsidiaries and third-party providers, to whom Pikaia Games might transfer your data, treat you with the same respect and focus on data security.

Third-party websites

Our websites might contain advertising or services  which are linked to other websites, such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. The fact that Pikaia Games creates a link to a website, does not constitute any endorsement, approval or opinion concerning our relation to this third party. If you click on the link to the website of a third party - which includes advertisements - you leave the Pikaia Games website you have accessed and change  to the selected website. As Pikaia Games has no control at all over the activities of third parties, we refuse to accept any responsibility whatsoever for the use of your personal data by such third parties. Furthermore, Pikaia Games cannot guarantee that such third parties follow the same data protection and security practices as Pikaia Games. You should therefore read through the data protection regulations of all other service providers whose services you use. Should you access the website of a third party which is linked to a Pikaia Games website, you should first note the data protection regulations of this website before you disclose any personal information.

Products offered in cooperation with third parties

Users can register for other services from our website/websites. Certain products and/or services available on our website are offered to you in cooperation with third parties and might require that you state information serving to identify you, to register for those products and/or services and to ensure access to those products and/or services. Those products and/or services identify the third parties upon registration. If you register for those products and/or services the information serving to identify you is disclosed to those third parties and is subject to the data protection regulations and methods of those third parties. Pikaia Games assumes no responsibility for the data protection regulations and methods of those third parties. For this reason, you should note the data protection regulations and methods of those third parties before you provide the information serving to identify you in connection with those products and/or services.


To make this Privacy Policy easier to understand, the most important terms are briefly explained below:

What are personal data?

Personal data are data which identify the user. These data can be used to contact the user in reality or to locate him. These data include, for example, the user's correct name, email address, telephone number, postal address or credit card data.

What are user data?

User data are data which are collected, processed and stored by Pikaia Games when a user contacts the websites and games operated by Pikaia Games. Above all, user data are characteristics serving to identify the user (e.g.  the domain name and/or the IP-address of the computer via which the user contacts Pikaia Games), information on the start and end and on the scope of the respective use of the websites and games operated by Pikaia Games and information on the accessed pages of the websites and games operated by Pikaia Games.

Last revised: 1 November 2011